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Serge-André Jones


image: Mikaël Theimer


release on September 24th

"Le tunnel" meaning "The tunnel" images the relief, the long awaited, extatic and grand liberation from a recurring situation in which we may have been stuck for years.

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director: Mikaël Theimer

release planned for winter 2024.

"De l'autre côté" meaning "on the other side".  On the other side of the artist, of his writing and on the other side of the man behind the work.

Revelations of an interior world, its gentleness, strength, nuances, burdens, vulnerability and resilience.

Piano solos.  Music for string quartet and piano.  Expressive and idealogical collaborations.

Le courant
Le tunnel
La fin du livre

Sound: Studio Piccolo, Alain Auger, Jean-Philippe Villemur, Quatuor Andara, Quatuor Esca

Serge-André Jones au piano, Serge-André Jones at the piano

image: Mikaël Theimer



Originally from Québec City, Canada, it is now life in the countryside that brings Serge-André Jones the calm and inspiration for his work.

Trained as a classical pianist, his parallel interests in other styles (pop, jazz, minimalism, film music) nourished the varied colour spectrum he uses as a composer.

His work is influenced first by his heightened sensitivity, the freedom of his imagination and also by the great mastery he has of his main instrument.

Simultaneously to his work as a composer, Serge-André Jones works as a performing pianist, accompagnying pianist, music teacher and is developping a particular healing music therapy.  

Serge-André Jones et l'ensemble "Au gré des chants", Serge-André Jones with singers of "Au gré des chants"


Serge-André Jones has been working as a piano teacher for 26 years.  Begginers, intermediates or avanced.  Students of all ages.  Repertoire of all styles, song accompaniment, improvisation, compostion, musical theory. Watch for his student concerts in the town of Sutton in the Eastern Townships. 

He can give varied private concerts in your own home, playing his own music or your preferences.  He can also play as a cocktail musician.   Classical pieces, jazz, popular songs, film music, as well as his improvisations and compositions will create the special touch for your events. 

You have a project and need an accompanying pianist? Serge-André Jones has been accompanying for over 20 years. Singers, instruments, choirs, dance et even art classes!

He is also interested in music therapy.  Based on the fact that each and every public reacts differently to a same piece of music and nourrishes directly the musicians' inspiration while he plays, Serge-André has developped a simple healing therapy in which he improvises with someone next to him, the person having talked or not, sitting silently, resting or even dancing.  The simple presence of the other nourrishes the pianists' inspiration and several people have shared feeling well liberated after sessions.  

Serge-André Jones devant le piano, Serge-André Jones in front of the piano

May 20th 2024, 6:30pm.  Improvising pianist pour a contact improv event hosted by Annick Cartier.  In Grace church's hall. 52 Main Street South, Sutton, Qc.

May 25th 2024, 2pm.  Piano student concert and short version of a show on Lionel Daunais' music for the young by the vocal ensemble "Au gré des chants". In Grace church's hall. 52 Main Street South, Sutton, Qc.

May 25th 2024 8pm.  2 compositions played in Sutton Encore's "Star d'un soir".  With Louis-Simon Dumont, drummer.  4c Maple, Sutton

June 1st, 2024, 7pm.  Improvising pianist for the play "Caroline veut vous aimer" by Isabelle Villeneuve.  Centre Vivarté, Glenn Sutton

June 5th, 2024, 7pm.  Improvising pianist for a class of Sinovi movement technique by Aurélie Colette.  In Grace church's hall. 52 Main Street South, Sutton, Qc.


August 8th, 2024, 19h.  Solo recital on the public piano of "Parc Myrand".  895 Myrand, Québec. Free.

Past events

March 23rd 2024 7pm Solo pianist and accompanying pianist (cello) during a multicultral artistic event at "Centre culturel St-John" in Bromont. 

March 16th 2024 7pm Piano improvisations  for Isabelle Villeneuve's theatrical piece "Caroline veut vous aimer".  Vivarté, centre de ressourcement et créativité, Glenn Sutton, Qc. 

image: Mikaël Theimer



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image: Mikaël Theimer

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